The Age of Digital Cameras

A long time ago, in another age, the world ran on film cameras. You took 24 pictures, brought the film into a developer, and waited patiently to see the results. Then, when viewing the photos that were taken, you exclaimed: ‘Oh no! Sally had her eyes closed,” or “Dad! Why weren’t you smiling?” or “You messed up the picture with your funny face!”

Then you re-loaded new film into the camera’s canister hoping that, next time, every picture will turn out perfectly.

But now, ladies and gentlemen, we have digital cameras. Take a picture. View it. Trash it or keep it. Although the phenomenon has worn off in the western world, children in Kenya are intrigued by this instantaneous nature of digital cameras. If you bring a camera to Kenya, you will be surrounded by dozens of children wanting their pictures taken. Individuals love to pose and, immediately, look at themselves on the digital screen. I don’t think that film cameras were ever so interesting as digital cameras…viewing oneself whenever one wants.

When we were recently in Kenya, this little boy got got his own personal debut with the camera. I love the evolution of his expressions. Happy, sad, excited, tense…cannot decide on my favorite.

Especially note the little girl in the background who is adorably making her own faces.

*All photos are taken by our incredible intern, Dave Staley.

Too much attention...

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