New Little Boys Coming to HTN!


New Little Boys Coming to the Campus

The Samuru and Turkana villages are home to orphans in urgent need of care. Heroes of the Nation identified the neediest boys from the community and this month, we will admit 30 boys between the ages of three and nine years old. We are excited to offer hope and a new life to these little ones!

Over the past weeks, we have been busy preparing the primary dorms for these new children. We tiled the dorm, and put new paint on the walls. The boys now have a nice living room and the housemother has her own house in the end of the building. Would you like to give a gift to welcome these new boys arriving at HTN?



Service Day


Environmantal day

Last month, students in the primary school helped create awareness about taking care of the environment. They went to Nyahururu (the local town) and participated in a parade and helped clean up one of the rivers. The students also performed a singing and dancing number for the attendees of the Environmental Day. It was a great experience for them to make a practical difference for the environment by cleaning up a stream. They finished the day happy to make a contribution in their city!

Excelling Academically!

We are very proud of our students who excel academically, especially considering the difficult circumstances that most have come from.

Last year, students in the 6th to 8th grade did an amazing job on their end of the year exams. In fact, they tested as the #2 school in the whole zone. This year, a special prize ceremony was held for the top performing schools. The governor attended in order to hand out awards to schools and students.

Heroes of the Nation received a prize for being position #2. HTN was also given prizes for being number 1 in social studies, number 2 in math, and number 3 in science. Altogether, HTN was awarded 45 certificates. A huge congratulations to our students who worked very hard to receive these awards!

Our kids holding the rewardsKids holding their awards

Kids preforming at the reward ceremonyKids performing at the reward ceremony

Our pricipal getting a reward from the governorOur principal getting a reward from the governor

Let’s Sum it Up! 2013


Milestones of 2013… look what happened because of YOUR support!

  • 53 new children admitted to the HTN campus!
  • Of the 53 children admitted, 30 were girls in danger of exploitation, abuse, and child marriage. 
  • Middle School performed at the Top of the District… because of the amazing HTN school that you make possible.
  • A medical team provided services to our children and the community.
  • Middle School Buildings re-painted by a team from Norway.
  • Extra fresh produce grown in the garden and greenhouses to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the children.
  • Youngest Children’s Dorm outfitted with brand new mattresses and bedding!
  • New Generator installed on the campus.
Because of your support, over 500 children are receiving love, food and education.
We need your help to continue this kind of progress in 2014! Would you give a tax-deductible donation today? Last chance to give your 2013 tax-deductible donation. THANK YOU!

Thankful for you

This Thanksgiving, we are undeniably grateful for your ongoing support. Thank you for giving to the work and mission of Heroes of the Nation.

But enough from us! We thought you should hear directly from one of the kids on our campus, Alex. He and 500 other kids send a big THANK YOU!




30 New Girls Welcomed to HTN!

We want to introduce you to 30 new girls at HTN. The girls are little, very little… the youngest is three and the oldest is only five.
Yet even at this young age, they have gone through incredible hardships. All were orphaned due to HIV/AIDS or tribal violence. They spent their young years as part of a Massai tribe, in an area without clean water or electricity. The nomadic lifestyle and arid land makes it very difficult for food to grow, so little ones without parents are incredibly vulnerable to starvation and exploitation. Most would have been denied an education and would have been married off at a young age, as early as eight years old! 

When we heard the stories of 30 young girls without parents, we knew that something needed to be done. These beautiful girls are now part of the Heroes family. Their futures are bright and they are in an environment where they can learn and grow. It’s overwhelming to think of how their lives have changed. This is wonderful, this is true impact. This is the story you are writing. Thank you for your support!

The Massai Girls before coming to Heroes of the Nation












Massai girls in their brand new uniforms at Heroes of the Nation!