Watching the Story


Six years ago, I met a student at HTN named Ben (name changed for privacy). He was a sweet little sixth grader with a contagious smile. Although he had been orphaned when he was seven years old, he had found a place to call home at HTN and it was evident that he was flourishing. He was a natural leader and I watched him direct the other children in prayer and worship during a Sunday school service. He was quick to help, quick to lead and quick to learn.

It was an emotional moment this month when I saw Ben’s photo among our graduates. The little, cheeky and toothy smile that I remember from my time in Kenya had now been transformed into a nineteen year old man with big aspirations for his future. He is currently enrolled in college, studying business management. He is pursuing his dream.

Many times, it’s the young faces in photos that pull our hearts because the stories and the young lives draw our compassion. But then, as we follow these little ones, we watch them become what we’ve prayed for – successful, aspiring adults with hopes for a productive future.

I want to send the biggest thank you to our sponsors who actually make transformations possible. The cute little kids at HTN will someday be agents of society – bringing change and hope to the world around them.

You’re part of this story.

Thank you.

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Trip to Kenya this Fall

Girls in Classroom 2010

Have you wanted to go to Africa? How about a trip to Kenya that focuses on spending time with children, providing practical help the HTN orphanage campus and even going on a safari? This might be your opportunity! You could go to Kenya September 9-18 of this year! The trip includes:

  • 9 days in Kenya
  • Stay in the Heroes Private Guesthouse on the HTN Campus, or at the lovely Thompson Falls Lodge on the river
  • Love on the children
  • Encourage the staff
  • Teach – preach – play –  pray
  • Have fun making tie dye t-shirts with the kids
  • Paint the primary school playground and install additional swings
  • Install soccer goals
  • Install a basketball court at the high school
  • One day of ministry to the children living in the slums of Nyahururu
  • One day on safari out of nearby Nakuru
  • One night and one full day in Nairobi for excursions and a visit to the Massai Market
  • Cost includes all meals, accommodations & excursions (except for your one day in Nairobi…so many options)
  • Total trip cost is between $2,495 – $3,000 depending on choice of accommodations (includes estimated refundable round trip flight costs of $1,300)
  • All expenses are 100% tax deductible
  • Only 15 spots available, please make your reservation now
  • Email for more information

The look on their faces

We wish that we could take you with us to Kenya so that you could see, firsthand, the look on children’s faces when they receive new textbooks! But since you weren’t able to jump on a plane last week, we thought we would show you pictures of the priceless moment when children saw their new books for the first time.

And we still have some pressing needs for exams and uniforms as the Kenyan school year starts now (January). Would you make a donation to school supplies today? 100% of your gift goes directly to our kids in Kenya. Thank you! 






So Many New Children!

New Massai Children

It’s been a fun and full year at HTN! So many updates! But the biggest news is HOW MANY children we have rescued from the streets in 2015. It’s truly a grand adventure to see these little ones go from a life of dejection, poverty and desperation to a life filled with love, hope and security. We’ve welcomed 100 new children to HTN!!! Below is more information about the 40 boys we brought in from a Massai tribe….

You probably remember that we worked with a Massai tribe to rescue their littlest girls who were in danger of early marriage (as young as eight years old!) Their integration into the loving environment at HTN was so successful that the tribe approached us, asking us to help with some of their orphaned boys. This school year, we have welcomed 40 new boys to the campus. They have a new and exciting future as they attend school and grow up in a loving home. We busily prepared their new living space. We tiled the dorms, put new paint on the walls, and bought new beds. Many of the boys had indescribable joy on their faces when they saw their new beds. Most had never owned their own bed before and they were too excited to sleep the first night!

How Did This Happen?

If you’re new to HTN, you might not know that we have our own
private school on the campus that educates almost 500 children! This means that we can offer a quality education from Preschool to the 12th grade!

We probably shouldn’t be surprised when the kids at HTN test top in the district, but we can’t help but ask ourselves ‘How did this happen?!’ In the midst of difficult backgrounds, delayed education, and extreme obstacles, our children overcome the odds! They work hard and perform incredibly well! Despite our surprise (every time), we do know how this happens… it’s because of the stellar teachers at HTN, the children who work toward a future vision, and the donors who give to HTN. THANK YOU!

Below is a quick summary of the HTN rankings. Out of 26 schools….
1st Grade – ranked 1st in the district
2nd Grade – ranked 2nd in the district
3rd Grade – ranked 4th in the district
4th Grade – ranked 6th in the district
5th Grade – ranked 1st in the district!
6th Grade – ranked 2nd in the district
7th Grade – ranked 6th in the district
What an exciting report! You are a part of what we do everyday. Our kids, teachers, staff, say a resounding ‘THANK YOU!’
Grade 2 2015 (3)

New Arrivals!

New Children from Local Area

The needs of children in Kenya are great. The town of Nyahururu (where HTN is located) has a very poor slum area where many orphaned and vulnerable children live. HTN interviews children and the community in order to identify the most needy and vulnerable and, this past month, we welcomed 30 new boys and girls from the local area! We are SO happy for these little ones to be part of our family, and we look forward to see them grow up as heroes and leaders.

Many of these new children were orphaned by AIDS. One of the girls grew up with a single mother who made a living through prostitution. Her mother contracted AIDS and passed away, leaving the little girl with no one to care for her. Now this little one’s future will be drastically different! Rather than being integrated into the sex rings in Kenya, she will receive an education and be protected in a loving home! James (name changed for privacy) was another one of the new children to arrive at HTN. His single mother passed away from the AIDS virus last year. James was in a desperate situation and in need of a home. James is now receiving a great education at HTN! He is in grade 5 and likes to study math. His favorite color is green and his favorite food is rice. James likes to draw and read story books. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

Photos of some of the new children**

188 Felix Kiprono 2.15 135 Caroline Chesang 2.15 100 Mary Wanjiku Wangui 2.15

**We choose to not display photos associated with the above stories in order to maintain privacy for our children.

New Little Boys Coming to HTN!


New Little Boys Coming to the Campus

The Samuru and Turkana villages are home to orphans in urgent need of care. Heroes of the Nation identified the neediest boys from the community and this month, we will admit 30 boys between the ages of three and nine years old. We are excited to offer hope and a new life to these little ones!

Over the past weeks, we have been busy preparing the primary dorms for these new children. We tiled the dorm, and put new paint on the walls. The boys now have a nice living room and the housemother has her own house in the end of the building. Would you like to give a gift to welcome these new boys arriving at HTN?