Introducing Samuel

When Samuel was ten years old, he dropped out of his third grade class in order to take care of his sick mother. He took her to the Kenyatta National Hospital twice a week and became responsible for the household chores. Within six months, all savings were depleted. Samuel struggled to provide food for the family and pay the medical bills.
One of the uncles took the children in, saying that he would care for them. But he forced the children to provide cheap labor in neighboring farms and kept the money for himself. 
Samuel’s mother died, leaving behind the children. A day after her death, relatives sold all of her household items. They also took the money donated by neighbors for her burial. 
Samuel’s grandfather brought the children into his home in the Maina slum but struggled to provide for their basic needs. None of the children were able to attend school during this time. When the grandfather could not care for the children any longer, he brought them to Heroes of the Nation. 
Samuel and his siblings are now thriving in a loving and caring environment. Samuel is a gregarious and fun-loving youth who excels in sports. He recently ran in the 100 and 200 meter race during an athletic competition. He also participated in volleyball and shot-put competitions. Samuel is optimistic that his future is bright for him and his siblings as they study to complete their education.

“I really thank God for you and pray that He may enlarge your territories. You are an important person in my life.”
– Samuel, March 2010