Where Donations go at Heroes

Cups2.jpgThough this entry was originally posted last November, the information bears repeating. Enjoy!

With around 500 kids on campus and over 30 in college and university, donations made to Heroes of the Nation are spread thin and wide these days! Providing three meals a day for that many mouths plus giving them a special mid-morning tea and/or porridge is no small feat, and this past year it has been especially challenging as drought and famine have caused a huge increase in food prices. Our African Director, Violet Gitonga, has had to balance need and availability, but even so, the extra costs put a $22,000-dollar strain on our budget.

Food at HTN
A stall at the local market

We’re grateful to the men and women who barter on our behalf to provide us the best deals they can find, and they’ve had to go far beyond Kenya to find the staple foods for our Heroes–in some cases all the way to Brazil! Maize, rice, and cabbage are in the highest demand, but thanks to these faithful partners who walk beside us and make sure we have what we need, our kids never had to go without.

HTN SchoolBesides food expenses, there are significant costs associated with educating students as well. We have an amazing staff of 60-plus people, 22 of whom teach and train the children from preschool through high school. All of our teaching staff are college educated and hold various degrees from early childhood education to a Master’s degree in Biology. These dedicated people pour out on our kids daily, and are literally available 24/7 to our students, as 90% of our staff live on campus, too.
Aerial View of Campus 2009_lg ballon

And then there’s electricity, water, and internet access along with general repairs and maintenance of the 10 acre campus, and of course clothing and general hygiene items for our children. Imagine the soap and toothpaste needed for 500 children! Violet and her staff never cease to do the impossible with what they are given, always relying on God to provide above and beyond and in every way imaginable.

Toothbrush 5 (1).JPG

When a donation is given, it follows a specific route. Funds that are designated for a particular need are  applied to that project only. Likewise, 100% of any money given to our child sponsorship program goes directly to that purpose. We track all donations through Quickbooks, holding back anything earmarked for specific projects, and sending out those funds as a project progresses. Gifts that are not specifically earmarked for a project or budget area are applied at the area of greatest need.Group of Boys 2006.jpg

Giving is an easy process through our wesite at www.htn.org,  and Heroes of the Nation is a registered 501(c)3 organization, so all gifts are tax-deductible. You can also help sponsor a specific child. Visit Meet the Children to learn more. And thank you for helping raise up these young heroes!



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