Abigail: friend to Heroes

Abigail A
Abigail and friends

It was 13-year-old Abigail’s lifelong dream to serve as a short term missionary. So when a family friend mentioned that their eldest daughter would be heading to Kenya with a team from Bethel Church in Redding California, Abigail’s parents knew it was an opportunity for Abigail to begin realizing that dream.

She saved for a while before she had enough to make the two week trip to Kenya to serve at Heroes of the Nation. Her mission teammates ranged in age, but she was one of the youngest of the 17 person team. She didn’t know the leader or 90% of the people who would be on the trip, but when the time came, courageous Abigail flew from Toronto to meet that leader and a few team members in Amsterdam. Turns out, she was so focused she didn’t have an opportunity to feel nervous!

Her team leader said, “It was a priviledge to have Abigail on the team. She proved herself to be a powerful and reliable team member, full of joy and committment to the mission.” God moved in Abigail’s life while on the mission, and it seems that Abigail and Heroes will just not be the same.

Abigail_Atkinson with teacher
L to R: Grade 8 Teacher, Mr. Bierman, Representative from the local bank who sponsored/gave the peace in action award/ $100, Abigail, and School Principal, Mr. Cameron.

Upon returning from her time at HTN, Abigail took it upon herself to fundraise for an improvement project underway at Heroes. The classrooms in the primary school need new floors, and Abigail knew just what to do to help it along. With the encouragement of her parents, Steve and Deb Atkinson, Abigail pulled together items for a yard sale which raised over $640 for the floor replacement project. She also decided that she wanted to participate in the child sponsorship program and immediately signed up to sponsor one of the sweet girls she met while at Heroes, Now she writes letters to her new little sister at Heroes, Linet.

AA.jpgAbigail wants to join another mission trip next spring, and she’s  working and saving money to make sure that happens! We at Heroes of the Nation want to honor and thank this special girl for her contagious enthusiasm about what God is doing at Heroes of the Nation, and her desire to impact the lives of orphaned and abandoned children. What a gift she is to the world!

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