A Letter from Jeremiah

Jeremiah_Imon_2I am Jeremiah Ectela Imon, and I am 24 years old.

When I was 8-years-old, my parents died of pneumonia and typhoid. Along with my litle sisters, Mary and Pauline,  who were really just babies, I was left under the care of my grandma. She loved us, but could not not make ends meet because she was too old to do any work. So I had to drop my primary education and be a herdsboy in order to get some cash to feed all of us.

Jeremiah in 2006, grade 6

We came to know about Heroes of the Nation through our village pastor, and in 2004, Heroes of the Nation became our father and mother. I went into grade 4 there and finished primary and secondary school at Heroes. Among so many things I learned, I discovered that I love to sing.

Jeremiah at 14, 2010.

Not only did HTN educate me, they taught me how to live well in the society and become a light to my generation. They also introduced me Jesus, and I became born again. This is the best thing that ever happened in my life.

Currently, through the support of  Heroes of the Nation, I am a third year student doing my dream course, a bachelor in Journalism and Community Development at St Paul’s University.  Meanwhile, Mary is in grade 12 and Pauline is in grade 10 at Heroes Academy, and they are doing so well.

At University, 2018.

All this is a dream come true! Getting from zero to becoming a hero–I don’t know what words to put across to thank everyone in Heroes of the Nation. I give so much thanks for Dad Weston Gitonga,  Violet Gitonga, and my beautiful sis, Kari Marte, (who has always been on the ground to see that not only my daily routine is alright, but but also that of all the children and students of Heroes of the Nation. I can’t believe who I am today.

Mary and Pauline

My dad, Andrew, I know it’s long since the last time I saw you way back when I was in primary school, but I do always pray and recall your face. To mum Susie, just the other day you paid a visit to the university that I am in. I love you all so much and can’t thank you enough for your efforts, prayers, and support.  I promise through God’s strength I will work smart and become a blessing to my home, Heroes of the Nation and the society at large. God has been faithful, and I can testify He is a Living God. As long as He is on the throne, we are world conquerers! I am looking forward to finishing my studies, graduating, and get a good job so that I can help my sisters throughout their studies.

God bless you all.

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