Jackline’s Story


On her tenth birthday, my mom was given as a bride to my father. As his youngest wife, it was her job to have children and shepherd his herd of goats and cattle. So, just before my mom turned eleven, I was born in a small hut made from sticks and mud deep in the remote bush lands.

My mom tells me she was afraid much of the time. There wasn’t enough food, barely any water, and nowhere to turn for help because within my tribe, it is the husband who decides what the wife can do and where she can go. But after the birth of my little sister, Diana, my mom made the decision to escape her situation.

With hope for a better life for us, she walked 113 kilometers with my little sister and I on her back, to the town of our grandmother and home of a local pastor. Pastor Daniel is a good man. He helped my mom go to school while his wife helped my grandmother care for me and my sister. Then grandmother died, and Pastor Daniel helped us to come to Heroes of the Nation to live.


Our lives are much different now. At Heroes of the Nation we have everything we need: food, shelter, safety, and a really good education. Our school scored #1 in the region this year, and we are only getting better! I love science and math, and I want to be a doctor when I grow up.

Last year, my mom graduated from high school. Now, through the Heroes Post-Graduate Endowment Fund, she is earning her degree in Early Childhood Development so that she can be a teacher in the same community where I was born.

My brave and beautiful mother, Evrlyne

Though I miss my mom when we are apart, Diana and I spend a lot of time with her during school breaks when we visit our tribe and see family and friends. When we are there, we see that change is needed in our community.

My mom and Pastor Daniel are making a difference there, and my sister and I will too, thanks to all that we have received at Heroes of the Nation.


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