Highlights: May 2018

On May 2nd, our staff and children returned to Heroes of the Nation after a much needed short break to visit with friends, family and guardians. Refreshed and ready, they jumped back into a Heroes life, working hard in school, and performing well in sports and extra-curricular events.

DSC_8002Early in May, science teachers from Heroes High School and Primary School attended a workshop in Ndururumo given by external trainers on the new curriculum, and how best to teach the subject with maximum retention. They HS Boy in class 2enjoyed the training workshop and collaborating with other educators DSC_8292from the area.

Then on the 19th, some of our brightest high school math students attended a mathematics competition, also is Ndururumo, where they competed with other schools. They were accompanied by our math teacher, Mr. Ndirangu, and performed very well.

Next, on May 25th and 26th, approximately 100 of our students from the high school and primary school attended a sub-county music festival where they performed for and competed with other schools. Both groups of students won at their level and will continue on in June to compete at the county level. If our Heroes win at the next two levels they will compete for the President’s favor at his home in Nairobi! Our students are practicing hard, eager to win that honor and to show that our schools are the best.

The growing season is upon us and our fields look vibrant. Kale, cabbages, spinach and maize are growing well, thanks to the abundance of rain in 2018. We are also happy to announce the birth of a female calf to a new cow, recently purchased by the Heroes Business club!

New crop of Kale


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