Meet our President


Andrew-600x635In last week’s blog post, we highlighted Dr. Weston and Violet Gitonga, co-founders and the African directors of Heroes of the Nation. This week, our president and co-founder, Andrew Sievright, is our focus.

An entrepreneur and visionary by nature, Andrew was mentored by his father in business and music, and by age 18, he had started several businesses. One of these grew into a thriving communications company. Next, Andrew turned his attention to international development and aid. He joined Youth with a Mission (YWAM), one of the world’s largest relief and mercy organizations, where he worked for 5 years. In the role of base director of one of the largest YWAM bases in North America, his years of business experience enriched the base’s training center and ten schools, (composed of twenty-six departments). These schools, which taught skills such as desktop publishing and printing for third-world countries, writing, journalism and music, became the training ground for students who would later be dispatched to 250 locations across the world.

HTNpics (254).JPGAndrew’s base also sent out many international aid teams to developing nations. When Andrew heard of the orphanages that the teams visited, he knew that, given the opportunity, he would one day build a financially self-sustainable orphanage & school based on a self-sufficient business model that would empower orphans to be leaders through excellent education and leadership training. Thus the vision for Heroes of the Nation was birthed.

Andrew, Weston and Violet
Andrew Sievright, Dr. Weston and Violet Gitonga

After his time with YWAM, Andrew, who had developed a search engine business and invested in a home in California, sold that house, and used most of the profits to start the orphanage & school, Heroes of the Nation, in Kenya. He bought land, hired staff, and began construction. During this time, he met Dr. Weston and Violet Gitonga, who shared his vision, joining him in founding HTN.

Since 2002, the Heroes of the Nation campus has grown to be one of the largest orphanage & school in Kenya, educating and caring for over 500 children. Government officials have applauded the successful model of HTN, recognizing its impact on orphans and in the local community.

andrew-w-kids_darker1-300x275Besides continuing to offer insight into the growth and development of HTN, Andrew pursues multiple business and humanitarian endeavors, looking for solutions to humanity’s most pressing needs. Among other ventures, he is the president and founder of The Summit Research Institute, whose mission statement reads, “Bringing leaders together from all spheres of influence in order to find overarching solutions to crucial needs in the world, while cultivating lasting friendships and growing as social entrepreneurs.” With all this going on, Andrew still writes and publishes music!

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