Visiting Made Easy


The process of joining a team and making the long trip to Heroes of the Nation in Kenya is incredibly fun. Plus, it’s much easier and more affordable than you might expect!  From more than 70 people who have joined one of our teams over the past 12 months, typical comments range from “It is a life changing experience,” and “There are not words to describe how incredible it is!” to “I expected to feel a lot less comfortable on a mission to Africa.”

HTNpics (1118).JPGPeople don’t usually include comfortable and Africa in the same sentence. Or easy. But that’s yet another way HTN is not the norm. Why? Well, first off, roughly $900 buys a round trip flight from the west coast of the U.S. It takes about 22 hours, including one short stop in Europe. Upon landing in Nairobi, each team is met at the terminal by our staff and a private bus. Depending on when the flight arrives, visitors are then either taken to a hotel for the night or driven  directly to our campus in Nyahururu town, three hours north.

Secondly, travel preparation for visiting Heroes of the Nation campus don’t require anit-malarial medications. Though Nyahururu is on the equator, it is not hot, steamy, and insect-ridden. Instead, it is situated 7,556 feet above sea level. 80 degree weather at HTN is the norm, and mosquitos are not an issue.

HTNpics (616)
Entrance gate, Heroes of the Nation

Another aspect that makes visiting HTN easy is the Kenyan hospitality. The Heroes Guesthouse is located on our campus, and offers very comfortable accommodations with 11 guestrooms varying in size (all containing their own shower, toilet and sink), a fellowship room with couches and tables, and a huge, covered, outdoor dining area.

HTNpics (978)The Guesthouse has it’s own private kitchen staffed by very competent and loving Kenyans who prepare 3 healthy meals each day for visitors. Staff members at the guesthouse clean the rooms daily, making the beds and tidying up. Fresh towels are provided every few days and laundry is hand washed and hung on a line at the request of the team member. We charge roughly $60 per day for all this, which allows our guesthouse to generate income to finance its maintenance and continued improvements, as well as earn income for our programs at the home and school.

HTNpics (560)And then there’s sight seeing. A trip to Kenya isn’t complete without going on safari! So, besides doing ministry, we spend one day looking for some of Kenya’s most beautiful animals in their natural habitat, including lion, elephant, hippopatamus, cheetah, giraffe, water buffalo, zebra, various monkeys, antelope, and more. Because Lake Nakuru National Park is only an hour from Heroes, it is a likely choice for a team’s safari. Sweetwaters in Mt. Kenya National Park is also quite close, making it another great option for a visiting team. We strategically place the safari day into the schedule to provide for a day to relax in the midst of the busy schedule.

At the end of the stay, children and staff wave goodbye as visitors are transported back to Nairobi airport in the HTN bus to catch their flights homeward. Yes, visiting Heroes is easy, affordable, and fun! For more information on how to join upcoming teams or to inquire about visiting our Kenya campus, contact us via our website at or reach out to our Assistant Director, Susie Thompson, at



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