What Happens After Heroes?

High_School_Girls.jpgAt Heroes of the Nation, we continue to invest in our children once they finish high school, and we always see a great ‘return’ for our efforts! The Heroes of the Nation Post-Graduate Endowment Program (PGEP) is a very clever Kingdom way to invest in the nation of Kenya through the graduates of Heroes Academy. Our children graduate with hearts that are healed, knowing why and how to serve, and wanting to see IMG_2357 (1)the Kingdom advanced in their families, neighborhoods, communities and nation.

PGEP was started by Titus and Elizabeth Hug of Spokane, WA. In the beginning,  it was conceived as a way to help our kids continue on to post-high school education so that they could follow their dreams and change their world. But as the PGEP grew, it has been developed to facilitate, guide and assist our kids in making decisions about their futures, whether that’s college or vocational training, running for office, or starting a business straight out of high school.

All graduates portrait
Violet and Weston Gitonga with Titus Hug and college graduates via PGEP

Our program coordinator seeks to understand our kids and their strengths as well as learn about their dreams, and then comes alongside them as a mentor, helping them to set solid goals and find their way forward. The program then finances the students’ goals, helping them to achieve those plans. The possibilities open to them are as varied as the kids themselves.

One of our high schoolers, Joseph, with classmates.

One of the unique aspects of PGEP is that the students who go through the program are empowered to pour back into the PGEP financially and also through mentoring younger students who, like them, need a guide into their future.

If being involved in the Heroes of the Nation Post-Graduate Endowment Program interests you, please reach out to us at susie@htn.org to find out more.

Graduates throwing caps

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