Parnering with God

HTNpics (1280).JPGCaring for orphans and those who have no voice is huge in the heart of God, and it is our mission at Heroes of the Nation. We get to co-labor with the Lord and faithful partners to rescue orphans one person at a time.

As we love them by providing for their physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs, their hearts are set free to run with Jesus and carry hope and healing back to their families, communities, and nation.

Undergirding this boots-on-the-ground ministry is the unseen network of faithful, caring people who partner by providing financial support. Without their help, we would not have all that’s needed to complete our mission.

Sponsor Claire and her child, Scholar

Yes, sometimes love looks like praying for hope and healing. Sometimes it comes in the form of kind instruction, a hand to hold, or a new blanket. But equally vital, sometimes love looks like financing a child’s future. In fact, for those who live half a world away, our Child Sponsorship Program is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to have a huge impact in the life of an orphan.

For just a sample of the difference sponsorship can make and the relationships that can grow through funding a child, check out this previous post and see how Theresa’s faithful sposorship helped nine-year-old Hannah not only finish school but graduate college and set up her own successful business in Kenya.

HTNpics (1136)How much does it cost to sponsor a child? Surprisingly little. A full sponsorship is $60 per child. Too much of a stretch? A quarter sponsorship is $15 per child per month; half sponsorship is $30 per month, etc.  Or go the other direction–you can sponsor more than one child at a time! Also, you can make your sponsorship payment annually or bi-annually if you would prefer not to pay monthly.

Want to choose a child to sponsor? It’s a super simple process. Just go to our website at , click on the “Learn More” tab, and select “Meet the Children.” On this page, you’ll be able to read about each child that is up for sponsorship. Which one causes your heart to leap with possiblity? Or maybe more than one! Just select the red “Sponsor Now” button for each child. This will send you to our “Give Now” page.

Here you’ll find a secure form for your personal details and payment information. You’ll also see a note that says, “If sponsoring a child for the first time, please include the child’s name that you’d like to sponsor in the “notes” field below.” Enter your child(ren) here.

HTNpics (856)

Within a week of selecting your child(ren), you will receive a photo and profile of each child that includes a short biography as well as all his/her favorites. In addition, you’ll also get a sponsorship packet explaining about our program and how you can communicate with your child(ren). It’s so fun! Your child(ren) will send you a letter four different times a year, and a photo two times a year. Our kids love writing to their sponsors, and of course love receiving letters in return.

Claire and Scholar, March 2018

We can also help you send your child(ren) a gift on holidays and special occasions. Plus, once a year we offer a very affordable team trip to Heroes of the Nation made up of only sponsors who want to meet their child(ren) face to face and experience Heroes of the Nation and Kenya for themselves. Every sponsor is invited to participate in this life changing opportunity!

A little money goes such a long, long way in the life of a child in Kenya. Sponsoring is a great way for families, grandparents, singles–whoever!–to share love and care with a young hero or two.

HTNpics (822).JPG


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