Onboarding a Hero

HTNpics (849)At Heroes of the Nation, one of our core values is to help each child develop a strong identity, because children who know who they are, what they’re passionate about, and that they are loved learn that with God, nothing is impossible.

Our vision for each hero is to nurture them spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically in such a way that they can grow up to become healthy adults who know Jesus as their friend. From that solid foundation, they can become individuals who invest in others, bring positive change to their families, and impact their communities and ultimately their nation.

HTNpics (846)At HTN, we are always mindful of the unique challenges that orphans experience, and how best to care for their hearts. They need to come to know on all levels that Jesus will never leave or forsake them, no matter how difficult life may be or what life was like before coming to Heroes. So we are always seeking how we can cultivate an environment at HTN where healing and growth is centered around the perfect love God has for them.

HTNpics (1266)When a child arrives at HTN, we begin walking with them through that healing process. One of the ways we do this is through counseling. Newcomers meet and chat with staff members who are trained in how to help all ages of children work through past traumas, abandonment, grief, anger–whatever they may be struggling with.

HTNpics (904)From loving housemothers to dedicated and caring teachers, staff members, and fellow heroes, everywhere the child turns, there is someone reflecting the love and nature of Jesus, pointing him or her toward not just health but the deep-seated knowledge that his or her destiny is huge, gifts unique, and value priceless.

HTNpics (864)Psalm 68:8 says, “God places the lonely (solitary) in families…” (NLT) and that’s what happens for orphans and endangered children that come to Heroes of the Nation. They are enveloped into a great big family, one that knows their names, enfolds them in acceptance, and speaks blessing and destiny over their lives.

To learn more about Heroes of the Nation and all that goes on behind the scenes, visit our website or contact us to arrange to visit the HTN campus in Kenya and see for yourself!

HTNpics (924)

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