Caring for our Heroes

500 kids…

Toothbrush 5 (1)


That’s a whole lot of people who need love, encouragement, empowerment, and clean laundry! So, how do we it at Heroes? How do we serve each child, from the smallest to the tallest, and keep the ship moving at the pace of life?

HTNpics (1229)Well for one thing, the Heroes home is a highly organized place. Every staff member and student has their own important tasks that contribute to the well-being of the whole group. With over 60 staff members and over 500 children giving to the whole, it amazing what we can accomplish!

HTNpics (781)Organization is key. Our Heroes are housed by age and gender in a total of 5 dormitories, each dorm holding between 75 and 120 children. 3 of the dorms have a housemother (or housemothers in the case of the youngest children) who oversees the physical space as well as all the children’s clothing and bedding.

The mothers make sure that each child is able to complete their daily hygiene and chores (physical cleanliness, making bed, brushing teeth, keeping their things in order, etc). They also oversee the cleaning of their dorm daily, mopping the floors, cleaning the bathroom facilities, washing bedding, and more.HTNpics (16)

The High School boys and girls have their own separate dorms, but do not have a housemother sleeping in the building. Instead, they have student prefects who have a gift of encouragement and organization, and who help their dorms run well. These individuals are elected by students and staff, and it is quite an honor. In addition, two female teachers look in on the high school girls’ dorm at night and monitor any of their needs, while two male teachers do the same for the high school boys.

HTNpics (21)
HTNpics (15)

Highschoolers take responsibility for their own environment, cleaning and caring for it with a high standard for orderliness and appearance. We also have a housematron who oversees the housemothers as well as all the high school students’ dorms, and ensures that issues don’t get overlooked.

HTNpics (1224)If a child arrives at class disheveled, under-prepared, emotionally upset, or seems out of the ordinary in any way, the teachers communicate with the housemother and then together as a staff, they address the needs of that young hero. This flow of care ensures that each child is not just adequately accounted for but really nutured emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

HTNpics (1010)Yes, 500 children take a lot of care. But no one staff person is alone in meeting all the needs of any one child. Instead, each child has multiple adults watching over and guiding him or her through life. This system has been honed over the past 17 years Heroes of the Nation has been in existence. Every piece of the picture is tried and true, and in place to ensure that each one of our heros have what they need to grow, learn, and dream!

HTNpics (805)

To find out more about Heroes of the Nation and all the ways you can help nurture our heroes, check out our website, meet some of the children on our sponsorship link, or even arrange to visit the Heroes of the Nation campus in Kenya.

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