Mission Possible!

IMG_3035Come the end of March, another amazing mission team will roll up to the open gates and welcoming hearts of the Heroes of the Nation community. This is rich ground, seeded over the years by the love, nurture, and teaching of the staff and by many previous teams. Like those who’ve gone before them, the team will carry with them a passion to listen to the Father and do what He’s doing, cultivating the seeds and bringing encouragement. Excitement is building!

IMG_3514 (1)Team programs–what the team will do while in Kenya–are designed well in advance of their arrival by collaborative effort on the part of the team leaders, our African director, Violet Gitonga, and Kari Brekke Kahoro, a Norwegian missionary who came to serve at Heroes over 6 years ago, and decided to stay.

The March 2018 team is made up of 5 teenagers from the US, England and Canada, 5 BSSM second year students from the US, Taiwan, and Mexico, a worship leader from Nashville, TN, and a missionary from South Africa. The theme will be KIDS CAMP and they will focus on worship and the creative arts, activations in the prophetic for kids, and experiencing Father’s embrace.  The team will also add to previous years’ foundation of Moral Revolution teachings, and of course, lots of playtime with the kids!

IMG_3045Each team member will have an opportunity to plan their own part of the program, each bringing his or her own unique perspective and passion to our kids in different sessions over the week. During these times, we break our young heroes into small groups so that each one can receive needed ministry and encouragement, connect with our visitors, and create life-long friendships. We also plan a program for our incredible staff, making sure we take time to recognize their sacrifice, their hearts and their commitment to God.

IMG_3146 (1)All in all, the visiting teams and everyone at Heroes has so much to share and learn from one another. Though the teams come ready to pour themselves out, inevitably, they receive much more than they give.

Sound like something you’d love to be involved in?

Contact us to inquire how to you can join an upcoming team, or how you can help in other ways.

IMG_3152 (1)

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