Hero for His Nation

27072407_1586126018121564_6018341080907380230_nAt 19 years old and about 5’10” tall, Ian looks like your usual high school student. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that he is anything but average. Ian has a huge dream and is already taking steps to see it fulfilled.

africa-kenya-mdHe not only wants to unite all the tribes in Kenya, but also to have the whole of Africa become one beautiful nation where corruption will no longer be a problem and where godly men and women will bring order and peace to the continent. One of the practical ways he is pursuing that goal is by mobilizing the youth of Kenya to become those who serve their communities and God.

Ian grew up at Heroes of the Nation where he discovered who he was created to be and got to know that not only does the Lord love him, but has good plans for his life. After primary school, he started going to high school at a location outside of Heroes. There he saw  brokenness firsthand, and how drugs, sex, alcohol and corruption are destroying so many. Yet he also saw that those same people were bursting with potential and looking for a place to live out their gifts and dreams. He carried that picture with him when he returned in his Junior year to finish high school at Heroes of the Nation Academy.

photo (7)Then Ian started a youth group. He began with 96 members, teaching them what he learned from Heroes of the Nation, giving a platform where they, too, could dream and grow in their gifts and identities. This coalition has grown to 543 people from various schools across the region who are hungry to transform their nation. They meet often to discuss issues, look for solutions for their communities and nation, strategize, and dream. Ian’ heart is to educate, motivate and lead his generation in cultivating a healthy and prosperous Kenya and Africa.

These young people are passionate about uniting hearts and tribes, and are working in their communities to create awareness of political conditions and a healthy lifestyle culture that includes good morals and appropriate boundaries. Ian believes that within the next two years, membership could swell to 2 million!

photo (9)A gifted speaker and leader, Ian networks with different groups and reaches out to different speakers in hopes of bringing more strength and vision to the coalition. After visiting with Ian in January, one of our mission team describes him: “If you start getting connected to Ian you immediately recognize that he has no fear of approaching people. He knows who he is and that God has put a big dream in his heart!”

Yes, uniting Kenya and ultimately Africa is a big endeavor, but Ian truly believes that he can do all things through Christ. And after all, that’s what Heroes of the Nation is all about!

IMG_1167-3To learn more about all that goes on at HTN, to arrange a visit to hobnob face to face with Kenya’s up-and-coming world changers, or to see how you can be involved, check out our website and browse through previous blog posts (index to the right of this page).

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