Good Stuff Happening at Heroes

photo (3)January is a busy month at Heroes of the Nation in Kenya, with children returning to school and about 50 new students entering Heroes Primary and High School Academies for the first time. Administrators, teachers, housemothers, cooks and campus staff have been preparing classrooms, dormitories, bedding, ordering food, and doing all the odds and ends needed to welcome our beautiful kids home from Christmas break. Getting off to a strong start is highly valued in our community, and as the children are encouraged, they show their potential in everything they do.

Photo team
BSSM Photo Crew

January also turned out to be an especially good time for our friends from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry to visit. This talented team of photographers was invited to share their creative gifts with HTN. Their assignment? To capture the many incredible stories behind the scenes.  Their images and footage will help us communicate the transition that takes place in the lives of our kids so that people who can’t actually be there to see it first hand can witness what makes Heroes of the Nation so special.

photo (6)Besides filming our young heroes on site, the team had the opportunity to visit and photograph the Massai village where over 130 of our children currently come from as well as the local slum where many of our children lived prior to coming to HTN.  They also were privileged to go to Nakuru to visit with over 45 of our university students and capture their stories as well.

Although the editing process is still underway, the pictures on this post are a few candid shots caught during the week. Toward the end of April, we’ll be holding a local (Redding, CA) photo art exhibit to showcase some of the team’s images and footage and to raise funds and awareness for our Heroes. Stay tuned for more info and photos in the coming weeks!

photo (4)
A young hero tells his story.


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