Graduating Heroes Class of 2017

HTNpics (1295)Heroes Academy, the educational and academic component of Heroes of the Nation, graduates between 20 and 40 students each December. At the end of grade 12, our students spend the month of November studying for and completing an exam administered by Kenya’s Ministry of Education, which tests their retention of knowledge over their years in high school. It is a rigorous exam, and both students and staff take it quite seriously (probably the equivalent of our SAT or ACT). Without a HS diploma, a student cannot apply for college and further choices will be restricted.

HTNpics (691)The exams are scored and our graduates have a minimum wait of six months before they are eligible to begin their college courses. Students who perform well may receive government and private sector scholarships and have a variety of choices for where they will continue their post-high school education. Students who have performed poorly, or not at the level their program or course requires, will have to complete a ‘bridge’ year, where they prove themselves a bit more.

HTNpics (681)Currently, we are not able to finance all our Heroes’ college programs, so the leadership staff must make decisions. Sadly, it’s often the difference between one student who has a sponsor, and one who does not, since the monthly sponsorship helps to cover a student’s living expenses while in college, and practical matters must be considered. Recently I heard of a very capable student who scored well and wanted to attend the Rift Valley Institute in Nakuru to study Tourism HTNpics (1114)Management, but his sponsor had decided to remove his support just a few months earlier. Although I hadn’t met the student personally, at the time, the recommendation he was receiving from our African director was strong and beckoned my action. My monthly gift of $60 is making an enormous difference for this student, and I couldn’t be happier. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with him last week, in Kenya, and I am absolutely and completely impressed with his heart, his mind and his vision! (Thank you, God, for the privilege to sow into what you’re already doing!!)

All graduates portrait
2018 College students with Bishop Weston and Violet Gitonga and Titus Hug, who along with his wife Elizabeth have sponsored many college students (and currently sponsor 36).

HTNpics (1101)It has been 17 years since our first Heroes came to Violet and Weston Gitonga, and established Heroes of the Nation as an orphanage and school. Since then, we’ve seen those first children not only graduate Heroes academy, but graduate college, obtaining degrees in Finance, Law, Nursing, Tourism Management, Food & Beverage and more. We are so incredibly proud of our Heroes graduates and all the glory goes to you, Heavenly Father, for allowing us to love and serve our kids well!

If you’d like to sponsor one of our potential college students, please reach out and let us know! It will surely make a big difference in a very precious life!

In Him who always provides above and beyond,

Susie Thompson
Asst. Director
Heroes of the Nation

Graduates throwing caps
A few of our Heroes earning their college degrees 2018

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