A Day in the Life of a Hero

headWhen children come to live at Heroes of the Nation, one of the many blessings they receive is the gift of a regular schedule to give structure and stability to their lives. What does that look like? Well, here is a typical school day schedule for a Hero:

5:00 am: It’s time to rise and shine! The children dress for the day, put away their belongings, and tidy up their bedrooms.

5:30 am: Breakfast time. Yum! This is typically a bowl of porridge, made with cornmeal, fresh milk, oil and a little bit of sugar.

6:00 am: After breakfast, the children gather for worship in the dining hall and prayer gatherings in their classrooms.

school7:00 am: It’s time for school to begin! Children go to their age-appropriate grades.  Besides the core subjects, Heroes offers students extracurricular activities such as sports, dance, entrepeneurial and business training, and agriculture clubs. Our goal to bring programs to our kids that will expand their vision, tap into their hidden talents, and help them have fun.Play

10:30 am:  Recess for tea time or additional porridge for the young ones, a welcome high point of the morning.

11:00 am: It’s time to return to class for another hour, then out at 12:00 for recess and playtime.

1:00 pm: Yay, it’s lunchtime!

2:00 pm: Students return to class for a couple more hours, and are dismissed at 4:00. They use this time for bathing, laundry, and other preparations.Studying

5:00 pm: Fresh from the showers, our children now head to study hall for homework and exam prep for an hour.

6:00 pm: It’s time for dinner, lovingly prepared and served in the dining hall.

7:00 pm: Once they’re done eating, our kids return to study hall or head for prayer and worship meeting.

8:00 pm: Teeth brushing and all those things that go into getting ready for bed. Giggles and Laughter. Prayers and last minute conversations.

8:30 pm: It’s time for lights out, and quiet descends on Heroes of the Nation as the children settle into their warm, clean beds for the night, with kind, caring adults to watch over them.

It’s beautiful to watch the children thrive in this structure. Secure in the knowledge that they have abundant food, shelter, and love, they come alive. To learn more about Heroes of the Nation orphanage in Kenya or to find out how you can be a part of bringing life to these young heroes, check out our website at htn.org.




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