Why Our Kids do so Well

Heroes of the Nation is not just a place where orphans and at-risk children can be fed and housed. Our kids do so well because it is more…

12002058_10156043673970319_3464407014543149453_nFor one thing, our school is really more like a home. The environment is happy and free, and our staff is very friendly to the children, treating them like family, not just students to be taught academics. Our young heroes feel safe and cared for, both in the home and in school. Since our staff lives on campus and are around all the time, it really does feel like a big family, with lots of acceptance and valuing of the children. Beyond HTNpics (698)that, staff members are dedicated, love their work, and not there for the salaries but because they have a heart for being parents/older brother/sister to the children.


Another reason our kids do so well is the fact that Heroes campus is located in a rural environment. Issues that affect children who live in urban develpments do not affect our kids. Within our gates, respect is taught, but without fear. This helps the children thrive and feel free to excel. Also, university students visit from time to time, giving our kids vision for their futures and motivating them to do well. At Heroes of the Nation, our staff are all teachers and school administrators by HTNpics (1023)training. These experienced educators know how to help kids to see that the sky is the limit, and create a Christian environment where children learn that “God is always near me and loves me.”

We make sure our young heroes lack nothing. They eat well, getting plenty of quality food; their emotional and spiritual wounds and needs are addressed; they are loved, HTNpics (734)cherished, and shown that they can perform and chase their dreams. Visiting Mission Teams bring a lot of love, and the visitors show great interest in their well being, in who they are, and this, too, encourages them to work hard. Knowing that sponsors and donors believe in them also helps them strive for excellence and become the next heroes of their nation.

To see how you can be part of this beautiful thing happening in Kenya, explore our website, meet some of our kids, and check out upcoming missions opportunites. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Jot us a note and we’ll get back to you!

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