Samson Gitonga, Hero

HTNpics (615).JPGThere is nothing generic about Heroes of the Nation. Each child has his or her own story, and often the beginnings are difficult. It’s our business to help turn that around: bring beauty from ashes. Replace mourning with joy. Set them free to soar. Here is a letter from one of our heroes, Samson Gitau-Gitonga.

Samson during elementary school.

I am Samson and I am 19 years old. I joined Heroes of the Nation at the age of 7. At that time I didn’t know anybody in my life. My parents had abandoned me because of the poor life we had and I ended up taking myself to Heroes of the Nation. I was not chased away nor threatened. I was welcomed.

I was given a chance to school there because I had no other place to go. I was provided with everything I required to keep my life going. I never went hungry, naked and never lacked anything of which I knew many out there wished to get. This new home was a paradise to me.

Growing up

I never wanted to lose the chance of being at Heroes because I had seen other children dropping out of school and living a miserable life. I stayed from grade one all the way to grade eight where I was given the opportunity of being the school entertainment prefect, which many wanted. It was a good time being a leader. I also managed to participate in other school activities and gained myself valuable certificates and was satisfied that what I had done was good.


When I joined grade nine at Heroes Academy, I got to see many new faces around me. I knew what I had come for in school and despite so many challenges, I didn’t give up because I know God has created me for a reason and so I have to chase my goals. I know education is a key to success, and so I did my best to avoid any discouragement or misleading from my friends.

When I was in grade 10, God answered my prayers and brought my mom back to me. She had been looking for me for many years and we were both happy to see one another. I could not deny her because she brought me into this world despite the challenges. It was my family, united again. I could go home to her during the school breaks and during the holidays. I never worried because Heroes of the Nation was always beside me.


In grade eleven, I was chosen to be the student body leader, because I was obedient and God fearing. I believe God had put that leadership in me since I was a small boy. I acted as the school’s student leader through my graduation from grade twelve.

It has been a long journey, and a testimony to tell. I thank the Almighty King for the distance I’ve gone and for giving me a good family that enabled me to do well in life. I still look forward for all that is ahead, with the guidance and good work ethic that was cultivated in me at Heroes of the Nation.

Sam_Gitau_Gitonga_(1) (1)
Samson Gitau-Gitonga, Hero

Samson Gitau

HTNpics (24)To help other children like Sam, please visit our website to see how you can get involved through donation, sponsorship, and short-term mission trips. Also, check out our recent post on how sponsoring a child can make a huge difference.



SAMSON GITAU ( page two)
Samson’s letter (transcribed above)

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