Christmastime at Heroes

HTNpics (1052)‘Heri ya Krismasi’ (Merry Christmas in Kiswahili).

Christmas at Heroes of the Nation is very quiet. There is no laughter in the schoolrooms, no wonderful smells coming from the kitchen, no children waiting for Santa Claus… but that’s only because our kids take a regular break for the holiday! They go to spend time with extended family or their guardians who live in the area near to the Heroes campus.

HTNpics (977) (1)

In Kenya, Christmas is a time for family and friends to gather. Kenyans love to celebrate in community and many return home at this time of the year to enjoy a special meal together. We make sure that each Hero can connect to those within their communities and celebrate the birth of the Messiah. The children will help their families and/or guardians with preparation, general chores, and caring for those in their community.  And while things may be quiet at Heroes of the Nations, our kids always look forward to taking time off from school and orphanage life, and are thankful to be a part of their extended communities for this season of celebration.

HTNpics (1209)By the New Year, the Heroes of the Nation campus is once again fully occupied with happy children running to and fro and settling back into their dorms. The beginning of each new year is always exciting for our young heroes, as it marks a graduation to the next grade and the beginning of new clubs and teams. Everyone is determined to get off to good start. But for now, our young heroes are enjoying time in their home communities, excited for a wonderful season of celebration.



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