Visiting Heroes

Visiting Heroes entryEver wonder what it would be like to visit Heroes of the Nation in Kenya? 

Well, in 2017, 51 wonderful people made up three separate teams that went all the way to Kenya to love on our Heroes and to impart their own unique gifts and annointings.  


norway team

19 young adults from Norway were the first team to arrive this year. Besides sharing life and love with the kids at Heroes, this team painted and upgraded the playground, made repairs to the bridge, and put in new swings. Check out our recent blog post about how a young girl’s birthday gift helped make this happen! 


There were 13 on the next team, who spent 8 days teaching about our kids about the love that their Heavenly Father has for each one of them.  The message of identity is central to Heroes of the Nation, and looking into the eyes of these future leaders, teachers, mothers, fathers, doctors, artists, seeing and speaking to their worth and potential was a privilege and a joy.Team 2

When April rolled around, it brought with it 19 students from Redding, CA.  This team from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry were from all parts of the globe–China, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa and the U.S., and spent 10 days with our young Heroes, building on what the other teams had brought.  By splitting into 3 smaller groups, this team was able to teach Moral Revolution’s material on sexual purity to our grade 6 through 12 students, share the gospel and minister hope and healing to 750 inmates at a local men’s prison, minister love and healing to hundreds of residents in the local slum, and encourage 12 churches in the Maasai tribal lands near the Heroes campus. They also managed to paint 12 school rooms before they headed home.

We  also have annual Medical, Dental and Vision missions as well as  long-term mission opportunities.  If this sounds like something you’d love to be part of, we’ve got 4 short-term teams forming for 2018.  Email for more information, or look us up on the web at to see how you can be part of what’s happening at Heroes of the Nation!

Enjoying the updated and newly painted playground equipment. Thank you, Team Norway!



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