Watching the Story


Six years ago, I met a student at HTN named Ben (name changed for privacy). He was a sweet little sixth grader with a contagious smile. Although he had been orphaned when he was seven years old, he had found a place to call home at HTN and it was evident that he was flourishing. He was a natural leader and I watched him direct the other children in prayer and worship during a Sunday school service. He was quick to help, quick to lead and quick to learn.

It was an emotional moment this month when I saw Ben’s photo among our graduates. The little, cheeky and toothy smile that I remember from my time in Kenya had now been transformed into a nineteen year old man with big aspirations for his future. He is currently enrolled in college, studying business management. He is pursuing his dream.

Many times, it’s the young faces in photos that pull our hearts because the stories and the young lives draw our compassion. But then, as we follow these little ones, we watch them become what we’ve prayed for – successful, aspiring adults with hopes for a productive future.

I want to send the biggest thank you to our sponsors who actually make transformations possible. The cute little kids at HTN will someday be agents of society – bringing change and hope to the world around them.

You’re part of this story.

Thank you.

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