So Many New Children!

New Massai Children

It’s been a fun and full year at HTN! So many updates! But the biggest news is HOW MANY children we have rescued from the streets in 2015. It’s truly a grand adventure to see these little ones go from a life of dejection, poverty and desperation to a life filled with love, hope and security. We’ve welcomed 100 new children to HTN!!! Below is more information about the 40 boys we brought in from a Massai tribe….

You probably remember that we worked with a Massai tribe to rescue their littlest girls who were in danger of early marriage (as young as eight years old!) Their integration into the loving environment at HTN was so successful that the tribe approached us, asking us to help with some of their orphaned boys. This school year, we have welcomed 40 new boys to the campus. They have a new and exciting future as they attend school and grow up in a loving home. We busily prepared their new living space. We tiled the dorms, put new paint on the walls, and bought new beds. Many of the boys had indescribable joy on their faces when they saw their new beds. Most had never owned their own bed before and they were too excited to sleep the first night!

One thought on “So Many New Children!

  1. Glenn Stpcler

    It was a real joy in June, 2014 when I visited the orphanage and school. I fell in love immediately with the children as they welcomed our medical team from America. I shed tears when I left, not wanting to leave them. I wish it would have been possible to take many of them back home to America with me, It was so much of a rewarding experience.

    May the Good Lord continue to bless you, the children and the agency for your fantastic work and love to the children and future leaders of Kenya.

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