New Arrivals!

New Children from Local Area

The needs of children in Kenya are great. The town of Nyahururu (where HTN is located) has a very poor slum area where many orphaned and vulnerable children live. HTN interviews children and the community in order to identify the most needy and vulnerable and, this past month, we welcomed 30 new boys and girls from the local area! We are SO happy for these little ones to be part of our family, and we look forward to see them grow up as heroes and leaders.

Many of these new children were orphaned by AIDS. One of the girls grew up with a single mother who made a living through prostitution. Her mother contracted AIDS and passed away, leaving the little girl with no one to care for her. Now this little one’s future will be drastically different! Rather than being integrated into the sex rings in Kenya, she will receive an education and be protected in a loving home! James (name changed for privacy) was another one of the new children to arrive at HTN. His single mother passed away from the AIDS virus last year. James was in a desperate situation and in need of a home. James is now receiving a great education at HTN! He is in grade 5 and likes to study math. His favorite color is green and his favorite food is rice. James likes to draw and read story books. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

Photos of some of the new children**

188 Felix Kiprono 2.15 135 Caroline Chesang 2.15 100 Mary Wanjiku Wangui 2.15

**We choose to not display photos associated with the above stories in order to maintain privacy for our children.

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