Let’s Sum it Up! 2013


Milestones of 2013… look what happened because of YOUR support!

  • 53 new children admitted to the HTN campus!
  • Of the 53 children admitted, 30 were girls in danger of exploitation, abuse, and child marriage. 
  • Middle School performed at the Top of the District… because of the amazing HTN school that you make possible.
  • A medical team provided services to our children and the community.
  • Middle School Buildings re-painted by a team from Norway.
  • Extra fresh produce grown in the garden and greenhouses to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the children.
  • Youngest Children’s Dorm outfitted with brand new mattresses and bedding!
  • New Generator installed on the campus.
Because of your support, over 500 children are receiving love, food and education.
We need your help to continue this kind of progress in 2014! Would you give a tax-deductible donation today? Last chance to give your 2013 tax-deductible donation. THANK YOU!

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