New Children from Massai Tribe


Maybe you have seen images of African men jumping incredibly high or heard stories of young boys who kill a lion as part of their journey to adulthood. These snapshots are part of daily life in the Massai tribes in Kenya. HTN visited two of the tribes who live in mud huts, with no water or electricity. The men make a meager living from raising cattle and children who lose parents face hardship and extreme poverty. We were alerted to the needs of orphaned children in these tribes and were able to offer assistance and hope.

We admitted 22 children from the tribes to our campus – 5 in high school and 17 in primary school. These kids have lost their parents, but are now part of the HTN family. It was amazing to see the transformation in the children that took place in just a month. They have grown spiritually, academically and physically. We are so excited to see these kids grow up to be heroes and leaders of tomorrow.

We would like to introduce you to some of these children. And if you ever want to sponsor a child, contact our office and let us know!,


Nancy (name changed for privacy)

Nancy’s mother died during childbirth and Nancy’s father struggled to provide for his family of four. He sought assistance from Heroes of the Nation in 2013.
Nancy fell behind in her schooling so she is working hard at HTN in order to catch up. She enjoys reading storybooks and learning about her country. Her favorite color is white and her favorite foods are chapati and meat. She would like to be a teacher when she grows up.


Francesca (Name changed for privacy)

Francesca’s parents and her siblings were killed in 2008 during violence between the Poket and Samburu. The girl was rescued as the only survivor in her family. An aunt cared for Francesca, but struggled to provide for her basic needs. Francesca was brought to Heroes of the Nation in 2013.
Francesca is working hard to catch up in school. Her favorite subject is science and she would like to be a doctor. Francesca enjoys singing and her favorite color is white.


Dominic (name changed for privacy)

Dominic’s father died in 2002 and his mother died in 2004. Dominic and his siblings were left under the care of their oldest sister, who struggled to provide for them as a casual laborer.
Dominic entered Heroes of the Nation in the 9th grade and promises to work hard to better his future. His favorite subject is math and he would like to be an engineer. He enjoys listening to music, eating chapati and chicken. His favorite color is blue.

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