Coming Back: Graduates Return to HTN to Serve

We are proud of our high school graduates who are pursuing degrees in their area of choice!

I just received a list of 25 graduates from Kenya with their corresponding schools and courses of study. It is amazing to look at the names of students who, just a few years ago, were working diligently on their examinations dreaming of what life would look like after graduation.

One of our students, Helen (name changed for privacy), received poor marks on her final high school examination. She was heartbroken and discouraged, not knowing what her future would hold. HTN’s orphanage director, Violet Gitonga, made Helen a priority, bringing in a private tutor so that Helen could learn the needed material in order to re-take the exam. Helen worked hard and is now studying at the Kenya Institute of Management! She has six semesters left before she receives her diploma in business management. This is just one of the many success stories from the graduates at Heroes of the Nation.

These graduates are not only working hard in school, they are inspiring other young people. Thirteen of our graduates have spent their free time volunteering at the Heroes of the Nation campus. Helen has volunteered as a caretaker of younger children. One graduate is managing our child sponsorship program, gaining valuable experience to compliment his management degree. Another is teaching in the school, another is volunteering in the medical clinic. A few are acting as mentors to the younger student body. They are setting an example for the younger students, inspiring them to work hard in their studies. This is truly the HERO mentality: serving and investing in others. These children have gone from being orphans to being contributors. We are so proud!

Thank you for making dreams a reality for our graduates. We could not do this without you!

We have 25 students working hard in academics. Would you be interested in contributing to their future? School programs range from $667 a year to $1,445 a year. Contact to learn more about sponsoring a graduate, or go to to donate to Heroes of the Nation. 

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