Graduating Toward a Bright Future

Many organizations care for orphans until they are 18, but there is usually not a program for older children. Students are ‘graduated’ back into the streets and are left to fend for themselves. This only exacerbates the issues of poverty, prostitution, STD’s, violence, alcohol and drugs.

HTN is committed to sponsoring our graduates until they can provide for themselves. Graduates are enrolled in university or vocational training. They are pursuing their degrees and taking part in internships over the summer months. We want to tell you about one of the many graduate success stories.

When Lawrence came to Heroes of the Nation, he was dealing with the traumas connected to death and poverty. Both of his parents had died, leaving Lawrence as the sole provider for his siblings. He dropped out of school so that he could begin working.

Heroes of the Nation saw the family’s increasingly desperate situation and admitted the children to the HTN campus. Lawrence quickly began to thrive in a loving and caring environment. He showed diligence in academics, excelling in chemistry and reading. In 2010, Lawrence completed his final high school examinations. In 2011, Lawrence was excited to be accepted into one of Kenya’s top universities. He joined other HTN graduates in this prestigious school where he is now studying.

Many children in Kenya are not able to finish their high school education. When Lawrence graduates with a college degree, he will be far ahead of his peers. Lawrence will actually be able to enter society as a productive member, contributing instead of asking for a hand out.

Your investment into children is long-lasting! HTN’s model is showing true success, equipping students to be leaders. Thank you for your support. You are helping young people realize the dreams that could change a nation!

“Thank you for giving me hope that I can study beyond high school level and have a bright future.”
– Beth, HTN Graduate
(College Graduate and Employed Nurse)

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