Operation: HONOR

For more than 8 years, Weston and Violet have provided a loving home for over 500 children. Meanwhile, they have not been able to provide a permanent residence for their own family. We would like to honor Weston and Violet for their commitment to over 500 children. We are asking that you partner with us in providing a home for them. Weston selected a family home in a warm climate not far from the Heroes campus that is conducive for his long-term health. A generous donor gave half of the needed funds for Weston’s house. The remaining funds are due this month.

From the founding of HTN, 100% of all donated funds have gone to designated projects, ensuring that orphans receive a loving home, excellent education, ongoing care and protection.

This is the first time in HTN history that a fundraiser is being done directly for the Gitonga family.

Will you join with us in honoring Weston and Violet for their years of dedication and service to the orphans of Kenya? This is your chance, Operation: HONOR

GIVE NOW (Designate your gift as Project Honor)

Thank you!

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