Coastal Tour

Giraffe Kamba Carvings

Our youth traveled all the way to the Kenyan coast in recent weeks for a fun, relaxing trip after finishing their yearly final examinations.  Students gave a sigh of relief upon reaching the beach in Mombasa Kenya.  in Mombasa, Kenya.  There were plenty of laughs and smiles as HTN students and staff alike swam and toured the local town.

Even more excitingly, students gained a greater sense of Kenyan culture during their trip. From Mombasa, our students traveled to the town of Malindi where they visited the Malindi Museum and the Vasco de Gama Pillars.  They also saw a variety of Kamba Carvings during their travels.  These exquisite carvings are made primarily by the Kamba tribe and represent a variety of Kenyan cultural motifs.

We feel blessed to provide such a wonderful opportunity for youth.  Thank you for your continuing support as we strive to enrich the lives of Kenyan youth at Heroes of the Nation.

HTN youth at the Vasco Da Gama Pillar

*Information provided with the support of Ayub Ngure of the HTN Journalism Club.

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