A Million Missing

It is hard to grasp how big a million really is. The number has become part of everyday speech: we give a million thanks, have a million things to do, make a million dollars. But how big is a million?

A million seconds make up eleven and a half days.

A million hours ago, we were in 1896.

There are a million people living in Rhode Island.

And there are a million children in Kenya who are not able to attend school.

The Kenyan government recently introduced free primary education to the country and many families and students have benefited. However, there are still one million children who are not able to attend school. Some of these children are kept at home by parents who need them to scavenge in the trash dump, work in the fields, or beg on the streets. They are increasingly susceptible to child labor, trafficking, and neglect.

When children are given a good education, they are equipped with the skills needed to succeed. They gain a great advantage over many of the young adults their age. Children at Heroes of the Nation will be ensured completion of their high school education with opportunity to attend university, college or vocational training. They will graduate as well-prepared and desirable candidates for employment in various areas of society.

The Department of Education in Kenya recently introduced state-approved textbooks. As you can imagine, purchasing textbooks for 530 students is no small task. Many children, like Samuel, came into Heroes of the Nation after being out of school for years. We are amazed at how our students overcome difficult and adverse backgrounds to excel academically. 
These new textbooks will help our students succeed. The students will be prepared for the country-wide tests and will perform on the level of their peers. This success in school will enable them to pursue a college degree.  Something as simple as a textbook will equip them to succeed in life!

Each student needs textbooks for Kiswahili, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Religious Education. Thirty dollars gives two students all of the textbooks they need. Go to our website: http://www.htn.org/givenow to give textbooks.

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